Wednesday, April 4, 2012

nursery room art

Back to the nursery....after spending some more time on Pinterest looking for ideas, I decided to create my own wall art.  I loved this saying:
Wcan't all be princesses... someone has tclap when I walk by 

And after finding out we're going to have a little princess(!), I knew my wall art would consist of this phrase.  So without further adieu:


I found all the supplies at Michaels- the gold scrapbooking paper, the wooden crown and stars, pink letters & the diamond bling.  All the writing is my own!  Believe it or not, I didn't make a single mistake.  Good thing too; that paper was expensive!

For the other side, I needed "matching" art.  So using an identical frame with the same gold paper, I came up with this:

The branches match the rest of the tree murals painted on the walls, and the birds also fit the "theme" of the room.  The saying is something my husband has said to me since we first said, "I love you" 9 years ago.  I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate since that's how much we already love our little girl...and then some!


  1. I didn't know the nursery was bird themed! Even better. I like the birds on the tree! Not sure how I feel about BG being called princess...

  2. kind of morphed into a "bird/tree/birdhouse/flower/outdoor theme." I just keep adding more! You don't have to call BG princess, but you will just know she is one. :)

  3. Nice signs Bridget. That's an awful lot of love! Best wishes for the birth of your new baby - Dave

    1. Thanks Dave! No baby should come into the world without at least that much love. :)