Friday, March 30, 2012

before and after: part III

The day we signed on our house, my handy dad had already "broken in" to start work.  (shhh don't tell.)  So once we got back from the signing, he had already taken down several unwanted doors, removed the kitchen counter, and started hauling junk outside.  Needless to say, my "before" pictures were more like "during" pictures. 

And since we were trying to get as much done as possible with our families in town helping out, we had to do demolition and move-in on the same day since our apartment lease was up that weekend.  Talk about a stressful move.

I wish I could go back in time and take more "befores" but with all the chaos and confusion, I guess I'm lucky to even have the few pictures I do!

Living room/Dining room 

Everything just blended in- the walls, the trim, the windows, the bookcases... It was all painted white!  In this "during" photo, I had actually already painted one coat of the base on the walls so you don't get the full white effect here.  There was just no character or separation in the room.


In the living room section, I painted the bookcases a chocolate brown so they would stand out against the country yellow accent wall.  The curtains were installed as high as possible to give the room a feeling of height.  I added some interest to the cabinet (on the left) by painting a plaid design on the front doors.  And the L-shaped couch backed by an old dresser, painted in the same color as the shelves, provides a partition between the "two" rooms.

Here, the windows and trim are painted the chocolate brown again for visual interest.  The mini "drink fridge" is disguised as a corner table for the lamp (there just are not enough outlets in these older homes...and that's how a fridge ends up in the dining room...).  I like the larger art work so that more of the wall is covered.  And the hanging lantern, though not necessarily used, adds some character to the space.

Quite the difference!


  1. That decorating is looking great - Dave

    1. Thanks, Dave! It took months to get it looking just how I wanted! :) But any house project is always a work in progress!